Volunteering – Susan Collis


This was Susan Collis’ SWEAT project.  Participants worked as part of a production line in the gallery space producing replica market bags made of paper; the pattern was hand drawn using biro and pencil (see images below).  Each bag took approximately 300 hours to produce

“The time element in my work is something that I use almost as a material, if that makes sense … the time invested in each piece is something that becomes immediately apparent when the work is studied closely and I use it to counter the initial reading of a mark that’s been made very quickly, without much thought.“ …  “there’s an inequality that I’m interested in – the economic divides of the world which mean that one half ends up serving the other, on both a widely geographical and at a very local level.”

Susan Collis interviewed by Vincent Honoré for ‘Don’t get your hopes up’ – 2007

Susan-Collis-Sweat-010 Susan-Collis-Sweat-001 Susan-Collis-Sweat-006