Sculpture at the Rock Tower


Group show with Nigel Goldie    at Islington’s then newest church

5 a day

Mint sweet wrappers, leather, steel rod, elm     H200 W27 d35cm

Labour of love. Friendship is when you stop counting

Hinchee-Hung-5-a-day-glass Hinchee-Hung-5-a-day1

Here is the fellow artist who donated the wrappers.  She had the mints, and ants Artist who had the Ants




Lofty’s first showing in an interior location (see “Lofty” in Start Garden party to make a difference)

Hinchee Hung Lofty at Rock Tower

Nurture – in the name of love

Aluminum, steel, plaster, found object     H93 W85 D150cm 2008

An obese form leaves an indelible imprint in its push chair. With parental connivance the chair has been modified with expandable plates to accommodate further indulgence. And all in the name of love

An accusatory cry of blame beaten out in cold metal

Hinchee Hung Nurture-at Rock Tower1Hinchee Hung Nurture-at Rock Tower2Hinchee Hung Nurture02 Hinchee Hung NurtureWIP