Unearthed – Crypt Gallery


Group show with Andy Charalambous,  Karen Gardner,  Nigel Goldie,  Orson Kartt,  Issie Tart

“great selection of work, very thoughtfully curated” Sarah Hoskett

“best use of this incredible space I’ve seen in a long time” MAP

Brought to light

Installation: light box, acetate film, pre-loved toys, sand     H47 W200 D60cm

Hinchee Hung Brought-to-light02 Hinchee Hung Brought-to-light03 Hinchee Hung Brought-to-light04 Hinchee Hung Brought-to-light01

The ‘damaged’ inverted soft toys invite interaction.    Strangely enough visitors often buried them.  This work had a previous life in 2009 as ‘Soft toys dark work

Imprint of her thoughts

Mild steel, lavender, organza     H98 W90 D65cm

A pair of ‘chairs’ bearing the imprint of one another.   The scent of lavender rewarded all who succumbed to caressing the seats

Hinchee Hung Imprint of her thoughts01 Hinchee Hung Imprint of her thoughts03 Hinchee Hung Imprint of her thoughts04


Galvanised wire, tulip branch, wood casket+trestles     H83 W157 D82cm

An elegant branch prunning painstakingly dried and wire bound. Then came the cremation. Manhandled, the remains lie in a casket ready for the wake

In death, there is no dignity. In memory of the artist’s parents, neither of whose funeral she attended

Hinchee Hung Coil at Unearthed01 Hinchee Hung Coil at Unearthed02 Hinchee Hung Coil08 Hinchee Hung Coil06

Coil was first shown in 2009.  Click here to see how it was made

Cracking up

Holly trunk, found objects     Dimensions vary

The artist’s first experience of curating a group show. The title speaks for how she felt

Hinchee Hung cracking-up-band Hinchee Hung Cracking-up-violin Hinchee Hung Cracking-up-cornet