Behind closed doors

Exhibitions, Public art

Site specific sculpture in collaboration with Nigel Goldie

H2 W8 D3m work constructed on a former housing estate

Inspired by the site’s history, architecture and memories of the people who inhabited it for the past 43 years, 75 artists were invited by Southern Housing Group and Tall Tales to transform the site into a creative last celebration, moments before the demolition bulldozers move in

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The site opened for one single day, 6 March 2010 to overwhelming response. Visitors were invited to take a door handle home as a memento

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“Behind closed doors” consisted of doors harvested from 18 flats on the Market Estate. The proces of gaining access through anti-squatter shutters into what have been people’s homes has been integral to this work, as has been the unceremonious removal of the internal doors with crowbars

The installation brought something of the interior of homes into the open. These were very ordinary doors, yet they had witnessed in silence how families used their spaces and many carry the marks of those lives

“Behind closed doors” spoke of the density of lives on the Market Estate as well as their isolation

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