Bodging Milano


Bodging Milano was an enterprising venture by 9 UK furniture designers headed up by Rory Dodd of Designersblock. They came together to learn the art of greenwood work from Gudrun Leitz (see and in 6 days made a chair each. Within days the entire collection was shown in the Milan furniture fair

William Warren Bodging Milano  William Warrensteambeinding Bodging Milano  Steam bendingAmos Marchant with teacher  Amos Marchant with teacher

a very cold designer Bodging Milano  a very cold designer

Bodging Milano  Amos Marchant, Carl Clerkin, Dave Green

Bodging Milano  They worked into the night

Bodging Milano day 5  Day 5 – like colts the chairs were on their legs

Bodging Milano Rory Dodd  Rory DoddBodging Milano Chris Ekersley  Chris EckersleyBodging Milano  Gitta Gschwendtner, Amos Marchant, Suzanne Barnes

Bodging Milano off to Milano before the glue is dry

Clissett wood  we always eat well in Clissett Wood

Broomstick bodge

This was eventually followed up by a night of mayhem at the V&A where pairs of visitors were coached to make a love seat in one evening, using broomsticks as chair legs , all part of the London Design Festival (see Designersblock)

Broomstick Bodge