In Transit – Waitrose Holloway Road

Exhibitions, Public art

An ambitious kinetic installation of architectural proportions created for London Festival of Architecture.   Working in collaboration with Nigel Goldie and Andy Charalambous, 7 works were placed in a Waitrose-Logo mall where the dominant traffic is that of trolleys daily driven by several thousands of preoccupied shoppers.   This public art installation jostled for room amongst them and the resident potted plants


Half a day’s worth of transit cardboard, oak pallet, Waitrose bench, hazel, aluminum, ratchet straps

H220 W300 D60cm

The answer to “how much packaging” measured in your own bodyweight

Benchmark with Jeremy Corbynbenchmark-levitate Benchmark-cardboard-bales


Cereal packets, wire linkage, carbon fibre tube, thread, stainless steel cable

approx H0.5 W40m D varies

With joyful contributions from Tufnell Park Primary School, Pakeman Primary School and Waitrose partners

In transit Whiffletree01 In transit Whiffletree02

The ‘leaves’ of Whiffletree are suspended on a hierarchical wire linkage such that the movement of any one ‘leaf’ creates a ripple effect through the entire structure.   No action of any one entity is in isolation


Waitrose trolleys, ratchet straps, stainless steel cable, stainless steel tube

H380 W50 D100cm

Visitors were invited to worship at the totem of the weekly ‘shop’ by activating a sprung rod which rattled against the sides of the trolleys producing a gurgling tune (not unlike running a stick along a stretch of street railings)

In transit Waitrose-partnersIn transit Rattled01 In transit Rattled02In transit Rattled03

Helping hands

Acrylic, Slinky, paracord, springs

approx H350 W120 D20cm

Tugging a vertical cord gently played a Slinky toy from ‘hand to hand’. The only surprise here was that the kinetic sculpture was mounted some 4 meters across the mall at high level. The tugger is initially rewarded by a distant metallic wobble

An understated sculpture inspired by ethical retailers who invest in the infrastructure of their suppliers in remote continents so that social benefits can be harvested further down the line

In transit Helping-hands

What goes up must come down

Salvaged steel disc, roach poles, ash wood, spalted beech, aluminum

H350 Diameter 60cm

Thinly cleft ash ‘pingers’ offered visitors playful opportunities to send shuttles shooting upwards in order to watch their inevitable descent. What goes around, comes around

In transit What goes upIn transit What goes up