Highly strung in Hoxton


Abused chair – Drawing in space      Installation:    H104 W86 D158cm

The artist’s long connection with Bodgers and chair making is the inspiration for her growing series of ‘drawings in space’. Line drawings first made on the page are re-interpreted in 3D space

Hinchee Hung Abused-chair04

This drawing of an abused chair is suspended from a low ceiling between 2 sheets of frosted acrylic. There comes a point when the viewer’s point of view coincides with that of the artist’s and the broken lines reconnect to reveal the whole

Advise from the artist: ” Never rock your chairs on their hind legs”

Hinchee Hung Abused chair02

The installation is made portable by threading the support cords between two parallel frosted acrylic sheets

Hinchee Hung Abused chair collapsed Hinchee Hung Abused chair laser cut


Full tilt – drawing in space

Installation: para cord, cable ties, acrylic brace, tent pegs    H300 W25 D30cm

Hinchee Hung Full tilt drawing in space Hinchee Hung Full tilt redrawn in space

Full tilt draws a chair in the process of being abused. When stretched taut the lines draw a descending chair. When slackened the lines spring to life and redraw themselves in accordance with the whims of its puppet master

Highly strung in Hoxton– contents of visitors’ pockets

pocket contents of visitors to Highly strung in Hoxton

The artist takes advantage of a venue with high ceilings to build on her series of ‘pockets’ for the material world. The sculptures invite re-examination of our relationship with pockets – what or who is in them, why we have rendered this baggage portable

Hinchee Hung pockets

Values: chattel

Carpet, hessian, cotton, plastic sheet    H400 W155 D2cm

Hinchee Hung pocket-chattel Hinchee Hung pocket-chattel-welt

Values: chattel is real estate in pocket form. Made with salvaged carpet, it evokes the familiar shape of intimate rooms and brings with it an underlying pouch for memories, ties and constraints

A welt opening lies between the carpet and its underlay

Values: arm and a leg

Cow hide, goat skin, organza, cotton thread, leather toggles        H220 W90 D4cm

Hinchee Hung pocket-armleg-welt2 Hinchee Hung pocket-arm leg

Values: arm and a leg is that prized animal which adopts human values. In gaining a pocket for its material wealth it lost its right arm and leg

Values: unhinged

Moleskin cotton, wool, aluminum wire, stainless steel hanger    H250 W140 D2cm

Hinchee Hung poclet-unhinged

Values: unhinged evokes the moments when our sense of values are frayed. In this piece of whimsy it is the pocket which carries the garment

The welt opening to the piggy back pocket is within the garment

After the private view

not highly strung's private view

Sadly this is not the view of our bin after a modest “Highly strung in Hoxton” private view party. This is the aftermath of White Cube Hoxton’s private view in the same week