Hinchee-Hung-West-Dean-School commission

West Dean Primary School


Participative art project for West Dean CofE Primary School

H200 W495 D30cm

In 2012, the mad year of sport hosting euphoria, this highly acclaimed school aspired to an art project with an Olympic theme, one which required the involvement of the entire school, the children’s families and the village community

The school’s complex brief [Olympic rings(!), suitable for a 5m X 2m wall whilst being easily portable and free standing for a road show] presented the artist with a welcome opportunity to experiment with modular 3D components

West Dean College kindly offered the assistance of the College technicians and sponsored the project by way of a 2 week “art residency”Hinchee Hung West Dean School

The concept devised to involve the entire school community was FOOD. All classes were encouraged to contemplate the meeting of cultures by trying fruit and eating habits from alien lands. For the first time children ate with their hands and experimented with chopsticks. They drew dragon fruits, figs, pineapples and much more

Inspired by this concept the year groups made prints of varying complexity. Art teacher Gill Thomas and headteacher Gill Moss coaxed breathtakingly impressive work from the 98 children

Hinchee Hung West Dean School

The youngest children made finger prints while their seniors progressed to monoprints and polystyrene prints. Everyone took pleasure in the temporary relaxation of the rule not to spill ink on their tables. The non-art teaching staff feigned horror at this amnestyWD-School06

The children were so well coached that Hinchee learnt more about printmaking from them than they from her.  They were totally engaged.   A delight to encounter and beholdWD-School05

While the children made a plethora of colourful prints, their parents and teachers were inveigled into drawing directly onto the ply boards which the adults had prepared. Their theme was “behind the scenes logistics”. Their creative imaginations produced official limousines, sniffer dogs, armed guards, kitchens, flower beds, sports equipment, OB trucks……

Hinchee Hung West Dean School

Background drawings and the children’s prints were brough together in the West Dean College workshop by Hinchee and Gill Thomas. The prints were shaped to form the artist’s concession to Olympic rings


This project would not have been accomplished so smoothly without help from the College’s team of first rate technicians

WD-School09Hinchee Hung West Dean School