Hoxton Risk


Hoxton Risk was an artist networking forum inspired by the Triangle Networking Conference in London

Hinchee Hung and Nigel Goldie were the co-hosts. They invited artists whom they have encountered over the years who in turn have to bring a peer whose work these invitees rate.  For each gathering a theme was set

The theme for the November session was Originality. Watered down by large doses of Kant, defiance and indignation we explored the circumstances in which originality mattered. Whatever happened to “Inspired by”?   Authenticity wins the day

HR06-06 Hoxton Risk theme Originality01

The theme for the October session was Fear. Outflowings of our insecurities as artists were stemmed before they had a chance to gush. We dissected fresh paintings, marveled at the Invisibles and the power of NO. Recordings of a stream of Nos may well end up in a future sound installation. It was nourishing to be in such supportive company

HR06-07 Hoxton Risk theme - FearHoxton Risk theme - Fear

The theme for the April session was Speed. Relational art dominated as artists tried out new ideas. A speed drawing session caught us unawares quickening the pace after a slow start watching water evaporate. Alec Stevens brought his slow and painstaking wrought White Trash

HR03-04 HR03-05 Hoxton Risk theme Speed

The theme for the March session was Fire. The artists offerings were severally torched, played, wrapped, and lovingly stroked. Hinchee’s own prototype sawn off crossbow had its test firing here

photos by Francesco Sciaraffia

HR02-01 Hoxton Risk theme Fire HR02-03 HR02-04 HR02-02

The theme for the inaugural session was Rain. The show and tell brought forth relational art experiments, sound poems, quirky observations and lots of “what if” imaginings

work and photo by Karen Gardner

HR01-02 HR01-01

Hinchee’s subsequent experimentation on Rain

Hoxton Risk theme - Rain