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Flock #3 – Look out art trail

Public art

Look out was a public art trail designed to delight and surprise the adventurous in Islington’s St George’s ward. With the help of the local communities, 3 artists created sculptural installations to tempt residents to explore unfamiliar parts of their own neighbourhood

Hinchee Hung’s collaborators were Nigel Goldie and paper engineer John O’Leary

Hinchee installed a Flock of local characters in a handsome tree at the junction of St George’s Avenue and Carleton Road. They resemble seats because their designers, the good people of Tufnell Park , were invited to make drawings of chairs which reflect their own personalities

 Hinchee Hung Lookout-Victor Hinchee Hung Lookout-SarahHinchee Hung Lookout AndrewLookout-Tobias

These ‘self-portrait’ drawings of residents were then transformed by Hinchee into sculptural forms. Made from correx (the fluted plastic sheets commonly used by builders and estate agents) and a myriad of salvaged waterproof materials this community of chair personages stayed till spring when this grand tree once again came into leaf

  Lookout-flock3 Lookout-flock4 Lookout-flock2 Lookout-flock1 Lookout-artist-in-tree

A blog web site tracked the journey made by the 3 collaborating artists