Author: Space Oddity

Bigger picture at Worldskills 2011

A participative art project in collaboration with print-maker Christine Felce    5 – 8 October 2011 ExCel London Over 4 days while 125,000 visitors gathered to witness an event variously described as a “skills Olympics” the artists invited the public to draw the faces of […]


In tension

Installation for the Doneraile Literary Festival in County Cork A temporary installation made entirely of locally sourced materials. A small strip of polytheme held in high tension a stack of peat and a log. The work sang a merry tune in gentle breeze


Workathorn – Ellie Harrison

Workathorn was artist Ellie Harrison’s attempt to bring isolated freelance workers like herself together by encouraging them to attempt to break the record for the most self-employed people working together (on their own individual projects) in the same place at the same time, over the course […]


Highly strung in Hoxton

Abused chair – Drawing in space      Installation:    H104 W86 D158cm The artist’s long connection with Bodgers and chair making is the inspiration for her growing series of ‘drawings in space’. Line drawings first made on the page are re-interpreted in 3D space This […]


Flock #2 – Archway green triangle

Flock of 4 ‘drawings in space’ Guerilla art installation to celebrate the stake of the local residential community, showing that Archway is not just a windswept gyratory system peppered by municipal institutions. The 4 deck chair forms symbolize the need for local people to enjoy […]


Ink drawings

Ink collage   Rice paper, Chinese ink, scraps from a Chinese publication   H60 W120cm    Experiments with ink during an art residency in Shanghai Jiobai brush   Rice paper, chinese ink, jiobai (a vegetable) A shredded jiobai makes a good brush.  Or was Hinchee just playing with […]



View outside a typical Chinese wholesaler The start of the artist’s fascination with recyling woven packaging. The ubiquitous woven plastic sack has largely replaced the cardboard box for transit packaging in China Installation in a luxury serviced apartment in Shanghai The ubiquitous woven plastic sack […]



The world Expo coincided with the Shanghai Biennale that year View outside a noodle stall.  A stall holder inspired by Thomas Heatherwick perhaps? It is not easy to glue bamboo joints.  The chinese have a healthy make do and mend tradition Street vendor with his […]


Cats cradle

Seating commission from a communications agency in Singapore H49 W175 D35cm Hand tooled and cleft sandwich of air. The gratuitous length of paracord invites fun loving creatives to play cat’s cradle and visualise a back to the bench


Start – garden party to make a difference

Totem     Installation in collaboration with Nigel Goldie Salvaged shopping trolleys, Waitrose jute bags, sand     H410 W280 D70cm As a direct result of prior exposure to  (see In Transit project) the artists were invited to pitch to Start, to place iconic sculptures in the St James’ […]