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Hinchee-Hung-West-Dean-School commission

West Dean Primary School

Participative art project for West Dean CofE Primary School H200 W495 D30cm In 2012, the mad year of sport hosting euphoria, this highly acclaimed school aspired to an art project with an Olympic theme, one which required the involvement of the entire school, the children’s […]

Bigger picture at Worldskills 2011

A participative art project in collaboration with print-maker Christine Felce    5 – 8 October 2011 ExCel London Over 4 days while 125,000 visitors gathered to witness an event variously described as a “skills Olympics” the artists invited the public to draw the faces of […]


Highly strung in Hoxton

Abused chair – Drawing in space      Installation:    H104 W86 D158cm The artist’s long connection with Bodgers and chair making is the inspiration for her growing series of ‘drawings in space’. Line drawings first made on the page are re-interpreted in 3D space This […]


Start – garden party to make a difference

Totem     Installation in collaboration with Nigel Goldie Salvaged shopping trolleys, Waitrose jute bags, sand     H410 W280 D70cm As a direct result of prior exposure to  (see In Transit project) the artists were invited to pitch to Start, to place iconic sculptures in the St James’ […]


In Transit – Waitrose Holloway Road

An ambitious kinetic installation of architectural proportions created for London Festival of Architecture.   Working in collaboration with Nigel Goldie and Andy Charalambous, 7 works were placed in a  mall where the dominant traffic is that of trolleys daily driven by several thousands of preoccupied […]


Behind closed doors

Site specific sculpture in collaboration with Nigel Goldie H2 W8 D3m work constructed on a former housing estate Inspired by the site’s history, architecture and memories of the people who inhabited it for the past 43 years, 75 artists were invited by Southern Housing Group […]


Unearthed – Crypt Gallery

Group show with Andy Charalambous,  Karen Gardner,  Nigel Goldie,  Orson Kartt,  Issie Tart “great selection of work, very thoughtfully curated” Sarah Hoskett “best use of this incredible space I’ve seen in a long time” MAP Brought to light Installation: light box, acetate film, pre-loved toys, […]


Sculpture at the Rock Tower

Group show with Nigel Goldie    at Islington’s then newest church 5 a day Mint sweet wrappers, leather, steel rod, elm     H200 W27 d35cm Labour of love. Friendship is when you stop counting Here is the fellow artist who donated the wrappers.  She had […]



H83 W157 D82cm An elegant tulip branch painstakingly dried and wire bound Then came the cremation. Manhandled, the remains lie in a casket ready for the wake In death, there is no dignity. In memory of the artist’s parents, neither of whose funerals she could […]



H5 W1.5 D1.5m Made in the time of the ‘great recession’ of 2009. A handsome cherry stripped bare and bled dry in its prime Sap – making of the mokume-gane bowl


Squirrel chastiser

H16 W165 D10cm On cowardice Exasperated by failed attempts at killing trapped squirrels, the artist acknowledges her own cowardice    A sprung trap which delivers a gentle slap to the thieving rodent, indulgently engineered by Paul Coles



H420 W140 D0.2cm The first in a series of pockets to help us marvel at our portable possessions. “Who is in your pocket? Put one’s hand in one’s pocket, Be in pocket, Be out of pocket”