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Lost in translation

The character jiu can mean anything from ‘right away’ to ‘merely’, ‘just’, ‘precisely’, ‘as early as’, ‘even if’.  The nuances are infinite.  Reviving her long lost calligraphy skills the artist tried to reconfigure the 12 strokes of this very elastic Chinese word


Hoxton Risk

Hoxton Risk was an artist networking forum inspired by the Triangle Networking Conference in London Hinchee Hung and Nigel Goldie were the co-hosts. They invited artists whom they have encountered over the years who in turn have to bring a peer whose work these invitees […]


Ink drawings

Ink collage   Rice paper, Chinese ink, scraps from a Chinese publication   H60 W120cm    Experiments with ink during an art residency in Shanghai Jiobai brush   Rice paper, chinese ink, jiobai (a vegetable) A shredded jiobai makes a good brush.  Or was Hinchee just playing with […]