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Cohousing Woodside – community building

Since 2012 Hinchee has been devoting most of her energies towards a cohousing project called Cohousing Woodside.  This community building project is an all consuming long haul effort.  ETA of completion currently stands at January 2017. Cohousing Woodside‘s vision:     To create a community […]


Workathorn – Ellie Harrison

Workathorn was artist Ellie Harrison’s attempt to bring isolated freelance workers like herself together by encouraging them to attempt to break the record for the most self-employed people working together (on their own individual projects) in the same place at the same time, over the course […]



The world Expo coincided with the Shanghai Biennale that year View outside a noodle stall.  A stall holder inspired by Thomas Heatherwick perhaps? It is not easy to glue bamboo joints.  The chinese have a healthy make do and mend tradition Street vendor with his […]


Bodging Milano

Bodging Milano was an enterprising venture by 9 UK furniture designers headed up by Rory Dodd of Designersblock. They came together to learn the art of greenwood work from Gudrun Leitz (see and in 6 days made a chair each. Within days the entire collection […]


Volunteering – Susan Collis

This was Susan Collis’ SWEAT project.  Participants worked as part of a production line in the gallery space producing replica market bags made of paper; the pattern was hand drawn using biro and pencil (see images below).  Each bag took approximately 300 hours to produce […]


Cherrywood Project

An echo village in the true sense of the word.  Cherrywood is a woodland management project which brings together an army of volunteers to help with construction and maintenance of a sustainable school and lifestyle Making cedar wood shingles for the barn Charcoal making kiln […]